Highest Paying Google Adsense like AD Revenue Sharing Sites[2019]

Everybody can very easily earn $10 per day with MyPayingCryptoAds which is registered in Singapore Many people asked me MPCA is a scam or not and my reaction to those questions is no. It’s owner Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana(Chartered Accountant) is from India but now settled in Singapore. This site is registered in Singapore which means there is no chance of fraud or illegal activity. You just need to invest $5(at least) for buying adpack and after that you will earn profits as company grows. This is really cool scheme and there is win win situation for all. No body is losing money here and if some how you feel that you cannot make money with this program you can any time ask MPCA to refund your money.

Owner Udey Nara is saying that he has no money left in account to pay for withdraws. This was supposed to be happened because in his plan there was no physical product. He was just manipulating the funds invested by the members. Also his target was to collect bitcoins from members and wait for it’s price to rise at certain level. Now that he collected almost one billion dollars it was the right time to say good bye to the program and ruin the life of almost 50 thousand paid members. The worst part is that there is not such way to file a dispute in Bitcoin so all members can only see him enjoy holidays at beaches.

Udey Nara the owner of MyPayingAds and MyPayingCryptoAds has stolen all money(estimated one billion dollars) and now he is saying that he has no money for withdrawals. Thousands of people lost money in this rubbish scheme and that too a very incompetent person. Now he is saying that he will convert the site into traffic exchange website where he will sell Facebook likes, Business directory listing etc. Of course all this is not true because he only want to borrow some time so that people will not be able to file a dispute via payment processors (Remember you have only 45 days to file a dispute).

There are many investment sites on internet but MyPayingAds is scam or not today we will find out. This review is in urdu as well so visitors from Pakistan can enjoy reading this post in their own language as well. The concept behind these tiny sites is to generate passive income with very low investment like one to ten dollars. I know you might be thinking that why we pay money and how you earn money in this process. Also how you will promote this business and get results so that you can make money at home every month.

One thing keep in mind that the investment is only one time which means after that all money will be your pure profit. Second thing you don’t need to create any blog or website related to this topics in order to promote your refer link because this site will automatically create a single page sub-domain for you(after you pay money from your payza account).

Top 25 Google Adsense like Revenue Sharing sites

  1. Typeaparent.com
  2. Rantrave.com
  3. Articleincome.com
  4. Firehow.com
  5. Howtodothings.com
  6. Shetoldme.com
  7. iEsteam.com
  8. Freerangestock.com
  9. Indiastudychannel.com
  10. Docstoc.com
  11. Seekyt.com
  12. Best-reviewer.com
  13. Snipsly.com
  14. Flixya.blogspot.in
  15. eHow.com
  16. oondi.com
  17. Hubpages.com
  18. Cinchbucks.com
  19. Heysphere.com
  20. Chatrecruit.com
  21. Hydecorner.com
  22. Zzoomit.com
  23. MyFreeCams.com
  24. Dreamlover.com
  25. Lipservice.net

First create a new Payza account and verify it(if you don’t have) with one of the methods I described in my other article. Now visit the MyPayingAds site and click on join now link at the top of the screen. It will redirect you to the Payza site where you have to login into your account and pay the money. After paying the amount your account will be created and a single page refer link will be assigned to you.

Now all you have to do is to send this unique refer link of yours to your friends, family members, colleagues or what ever person you know for signup. When they will signup via your link they money will be deposited into your account rather than website which is really cool thing. Which means instant profit and no waiting.

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