Best Network Marketing Company in Pakistan

Some people ask me about top 10 direct selling companies in pakistan so that they can earn part or full time. I research little bit about this topic on internet and here is a list of network marketing companies in pakistan. The company I am about to introduce in front of you is China’s main herbal company which is growing very fast in our country. First you need to buy any of their product and once you do that your account is opened with them. After that you can do direct selling via face to face marking in your family members or even in market.

Many people are interested in how to earn 100 rupees or dollar per day without investment and they often fall into fraud sites or scam programs. So the thing is that nothing came into this world without money so if you really want to make that much money in a day we have a program fro you through which you can easily generate income without having to sold any thing. But as I said above you have to pay the money in order to join this amazing website. The one time fee is not that much and all you have to pay is $10 at the time of signup and that’s it. After that all profit is your and no one will share your commission.

What is TIENS

Tiens is an China based advertising company started this project in year 2004 for middle calls people so that they can easily generate 10 to 100 dollars per day. It’s called a $10 program because every body needs to pay this amount in order to join it. Money can only be payed with PayPal so there is no risk involved what so ever.

In order to participate in the $100 per day program first unlock the form below with your Facebook or twitter account and submit your email address. We will select people on first come first serve basis and keep in mind that limited sets are available.

After joining the website all you need to do is to invite your friends with the help of your affiliate link. Make sure that your link is correct otherwise you will not get your commission. Good thing is that you will get 100% commission when ever your friend signup under you. Signup commission is $10 so this means that if only one of your friend signup under you, you will get your investment money instantly and after that all money will be pure profit.


  • Hello Waqas,

    I’m a networker from Switzerland working for a big certified company named PM-International. Are you interested in becoming a business partner with me, so that we could expand in Pakistan? Our products are basically supplement products which make people’s everyday life fitter.

    If you’re interested to know more about it, let me know by e-mail.

  • AsSalam-o-Alaikum all dear networkers!
    It’s time to change the trend.
    TIENS international, no doubt, a legal company but it’s marketing plan is too much tough. In now a days some companies are working on investment method, just invest and take profit on weekly basis as well as if you build network you can earn on daily basis, you can invest in crypto currencies as well. One of the best company is PAY DIAMOND from Hong Kong is working in Pakistan.
    This is a home based online business.
    For further details contact on or 00923084920256

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