Top 6 Highest Paying CPA Networks that Pay Daily in 2019

In this guide of cpa networks for beginners I will introduce you websites with minimum requirements, easy approval method and that pay on daily basis in 2019. Some of you might be thinking that it’s hard to join CPA marketing due to the fact that mostly people don’t understand it and spread false rumors about it. Actually these sites act like a middle man and help affiliates like you and me and advertisers to meet together and earn money. In order to join you need some kind of website with decent traffic and that’s all you need. Keep in mind that every network has it’s own policies and commission rate so you should deeply research before joining them.

CPA Networks for Beginners

Many people ask this question but bad news id that there is no instant approval in cpa networks. This is due to the fact that so many people are joining these site and for quality purposes they have to manually approve affiliates. Advertisers always want quality traffic and huge conversion rate so these networks constantly looking for professional’s so don’t get disappointed.

CPA Network Instant Approval

Always Speak Truth – No matter what the situation is always be honest with your affiliate network. If you join the platform with some one else website than sooner or later you will be caught and banned for life so it’s better to have your own resources.

Create your own Website – Although you can join many CPA networks without having to own your website but what kind of affiliate marketer you are if you don’t own a site.

Don’t have a website No Problem – If you have no idea where to start than choose “Dating” niche and tell them that you will generate traffic from Plenty Of Fish.

Willing to Invest – Specially important for people who don’t own website because you need money in order to generate traffic. You can start campaign with just $100 but it’s good to start with at-least $1000.

Approval normally takes 24 to 48 hours so please be patient and wait for their email or call. If they are not sure about you then sometimes they will call you on your number for little interview. Don’t be afraid and shy tell them about your strategy and niche.

If you still not be able to make it then ask them for reason and try to improve on it. Don’t get disappointed by this because not everyone get approved in first or single attempt. The key to success is keep trying and trying hard.

Top 6 Highest Paying CPA Networks

1) Peerfly

No doubt it’s the best CPA network for many people including me due to the fact that you will get lots of offers for various countries. Mostly people complain that they don’t find the niche they were looking for but in Peerfly you will get what you want. It’s not that hard to join this site but still many people find it difficult to join so if you want to search the Peerfly offers than please visit this site and see offer live on main page.

At the time of writing this article there are 1,217 active affiliate offers with categories of Top Converting Offers, Top International Offers and Top EPCs. The best part I like about Peerfly is it’s managers are very co-operative and friendly specially mine Luke Kling. Now a days they removed the phone verification process so it’s relatively easy to join.

2) CPA Lead

One of the most easiest CPA network for all time and some people are running more than two accounts(I don’t know why). This doesn’t mean that you will not earn decent amount of money here. You will find mostly incentive offers but don’t you worry because I manage to find some Non incentive offers too. But for this you need to provide them your traffic sources. They have a refer a friend scheme also which will give you 10% reward on when every dollar they make. The best part is that they have a wide range of tutorials which may be very helpful for beginners and even for people who have little knowledge about it.

3) Max Bounty

Unlike other platforms you can create content lockers with just one click of a button. With these lockers you can hide any content which is important to the user and he or she will forced to fill the survey before unlocking. So if you are very lazy like me and don’t want to do any research or create landing pages than all you have to do is to click on Niches tab at the top of the page. This will show you campaigns created by other people and are available for everyone. But the downside is that they will also get 15% commission from your profit so you will get 85% on every successful lead.

4) Adscend Media

Joining Adscend Media is very easy and they don’t require phone verification interview which is very good specially for newbies. Good but about this network is that thousands of App Developers trust it and over 30K publisher have already joined it. Not only advertisers or publishers but also app developers take benefit from this platform via incentive offers, online surveys, mobile apps, and content locking.

Starting campaign is not difficult at all because with the help of Offer Wall, Market Research and Rewarded Video you can easily create landing pages. If traditional CPM offers not working for you than you can earn 10 times more by Content Locking and Affiliate Marketing.

5) Adwork Media

Not different from other CPA networks as here you can also earn from your websites, mobile apps, various computer products, paid content, e-mail marketing, organic search, display advertisements, and other website traffic. With over 2500 affiliate campaigns it’s not a joke and you can monetize your traffic via International email submits, form filling, antivirus downloads, software trials, mobile CPIs, and mobile PIN/SMS campaigns. They have a blog also where you can learn ho to create and convert your traffic into leads.

6) Mob Idea

As the name suggests mainly for mobile platform but works for desktop computers as well. The best thing I like about this website is that they offer Premium offers for premium affiliates which means if you are already earning via this medium you can multiply your savings. Their support team is the best in this industry ranging from Online Analysts to admins. Unlike other site they offer various withdrawal options like Payza, Paypal and direct bank transfers. So if you are interested in the leading Mobile Affiliate marketing network then Mob Idea is for you.

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