What is Empowr and How to Ca$hout it’s Earnings in Pakistan?

Many people have asked me this question in pakistan that Empowr earning is real or fake. How to cash out Empowr earnings when you have less than five dollars in your account. So I decided to write an article in urdu on this amazing social media site that pays regularly. This site is just like Facebook where you made new friends and share lots of different things like pictures posts etc. But in return you earn money unlike Facebook where you just waste your time. Now you may be thinking how to advertise my blog or daily earnings showed on main page are fake or not. So one thing you all keep in mind that there is a procedure to do any thing in this world and without it you will not be able to produce results.

What is Empowr?

Empowr is a network marketing company(don’t confuse it with Facebook) that claims to return its profits to it’s users who signup via referral link. It’s a world’s first democratic social platform which not only pay but their vision is to provide free goods to each and every member. Funny thing is that you don’t have to spend money on this platform in order to earn money. Just share your thoughts, feelings, your passions even your private life and make millions.

Join Empowr Now

Registration is totally free and you can join the site now just by clicking on this link. Please provide your real details so that you can verify your account later.

How to Cashout Empowr Earnings in Pakistan

First of all let me tell you that your earnings are not real money and you have to wait 90 days to mature it. So if you want to cashout you are allowed to make request only after three months. Also the amount which is available in your account right now will not be same after 90 days because you have to pay advertisers charges.

Empowr in Urdu

empowr in urdu

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