How Fiverr {Guide in Urdu} Changed my Life (PDF File) | فائیور اردو گائیڈ

I like that most of the people now a days want to start online job in Pakistan but they have very little knowledge or skill to sell their services online. This is where Fiverr guide in urdu comes a market place where buyers and seller meet together in order to fulfill their needs. All you need is an account and little bit knowledge of internet and start selling your skills in just fiver dollars. You can start by selling logo designs, 3D map creation, software installations, SEO services, article writing or sell what ever you like to do in your life. So if you are looking for how to earn money in pakistan tips than you just land on the right place. All you need is some dedication and spear time to learn the art of making money online.

How to Create Fiverr Account in Urdu

First of all you need to know that Fiverr only allows you to create one account from one IP address or computer so make sure that you create one account from one machine. But here you need to know that you have to create multiple accounts in order to earn more money otherwise you will not a successful on this market. Also only put 3 to 5 similar gigs in one account so that when ever a customer is ordering your gig he or she will impress from your profile. So install VPN for multiple Fiverr account creation and earn more.

How to Make a Good Fiverr gig

Before creating account few things you should keep in mind like username should be related to your work. Put your real photo or at-least some other human person so that people will impress from your profile. Make sure that your profile cover is very impressive and real because this will dramatically improve your orders. Here is another video on how you create your profile in Urdu.

Fiverr Levels

Now that you have create your first account it’s necessary to know that Fiverr has different levels which will be assigned to you when you meet specific requirements. Basically three levels are assigned starting from Level 1 which is for basic users and allows you to create gig of up to five dollars only. Please note that this level is not assigned when you singed up initially. For this level to achieve you have to complete 10 tasks successfully and remain active for full 30 days.

In order to achieve Level 2 you have to successfully done 50 gigs with two months of active time. Last but not the least is the Top Rated Seller which is the ultimate level. This level is very difficult to achieve but if you do this than you can earn thousands of dollars monthly.

My Experience on Fiverr

Mostly all of us treat Fiverr as a platform where we can only earn five dollars per task but in reality if you are smart enough and professional in your tasks than you can generate more income. Also if you are providing gigs which are highly professional and cannot be done in fiver dollars than you can ask your customers to contact you outside from this market so that you can deal in higher price.

Fiverr Gig Ideas

So now its time to tell you some gig ideas so that you can follow these ideas and create your own gig. As mention above you can start selling logo designs, server management, installation of difficult software like box billing, 3D map conversion, 3D book cover, 3D reports etc. There are many easy ways to make money on Fiverr in urdu and that’s why today we will learn the basics of this amazing website. You will find many ebooks and pdf files on internet but all are in english so some of you might not be able to learn that way.

Download PDF File Now

This urdu tutorial makes sure that at-least you will get start from zero and make your way to first online income. Don’t go for other sites like fiverr because there are many easy things to do on fiverr. You can start just by writing a 300 to 440 words article for others or create very basic logo which you can create from any professional logo design software easily.


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