How to Find Best Data Entry Jobs on Microworkers (Urdu Post)

It’s very easy to make money with microworkers in pakistan if you have spare time after doing your regular job. Please keep in mind that it’s not a full time job website so you should consider it as part time. It’s alternate is rapidworkers and both sites are really amazing. These two sites are specially recommended for people who really don’t have any skill and are newbie to internet. Here you can work easily just by opening your new account and doing easy jobs like crating new Facebook account for your client, creating gmail ID, search and click, forum posting, digg, stumbleupon link sharing, social link sharing, follow someone on twitter, Facebook post like and share etc. These are really very basic task and everyone who knows how to use keyboard and mouse can do these tasks.

How to get more jobs on Microworkers

First of all you need to verify your account email and phone number otherwise you will not get any job. This is to secure the platform so that people who take illegal benefit remain stay away from it. After that you need to verify your home address as well as your payment information so that you should best jobs. Now keep in mind that this process will take time so you should working immediately on low cost tasks and wait for your account to fully approve. Jon both sites now with the special link mention below.

Join MicroWorkers

Now you may be thinking how much i can earn with this program so my experience is that you can generate between one hundred to two hundred dollar per month if you work regularly.

Microworkers Alternative

One bad thing about established sites is that it’s very difficult to create account and verify it. Many times they will reject your account due to massive traffic so you should also consider microworkers alternative in order to secure your life.

Join RapidWorkers

Rapid Workers is also growing fast with over one million workers around the world and paying regularly. It’s verification process is also very simple and fast so you can start working immediately. Below is a urdu guide of microworkers so that you can start your work now.

make money microworkers in urdu

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