Paidverts Review 2018(Does it still work or not)

One of the biggest and successful PTC website of the year 2016 was Paidverts and many people earned thousands of dollars just by visiting ads and promoting the site. But as usual all sites go though some bad phases and this happened to Paidverts as well. Year 2017 was really bad for them and actually site was down for few weeks as well. But they got back with some changes and now up and running. So we decided to review the site again and promoted it for few days. Although the earning is not what it was before but good thing is that we got our first withdrawal yesterday.

Now you can generate income by watching advertisers ads websites for 30 seconds. This is paidverts review in which we will tell you that this site is scam or not. Basically the site is all about earning money with the help of internet browsing which is the easiest way to make money online. The best part is that you can join this site free of cost and start working instantly. One thing you should keep in mind that you will not start earning instantly because the site system will check your activity for 3 days. After you remain active for 3 days you will be credited for amount of ads you view per day.

How to Join PaidVerts

Joining is very easy and free which requires no registration fee what so ever. Simply click on the banner below and you will see the main interface of the website. After that click on register button at the top of the screen and enter your personal information like name, email address and exact date of birth. After that login into your account and start watching ads by clicking on the Paid Ads link at the right side of the interface.

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How to Increase Income

This is the fact that you will not earn too much money by watching only ads. You need to do few more things like playing games and earn points, referring this site to your friends and generate 10% commission from their clicks etc. After earning 10$ you can withdraw your dollars via PayPal, Payza, Western Union etc. If you don’t have any account than you can any time open online bank account by clicking on the banner below.


  • Paidverts is a fun starting site but it’s more of a hobby for me nowadays. The income is very low and the grind is brutal. I would recommend to not invest your own money for at least a few months, untill you reach at least 16K BAP Points. Do however use all earning opportunities, like making surveys, etc. This is the biggest shortcut you can take to make some points/money.

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