Top Six Most Trusted Revenue Sharing Sites Paying in 2O19

Some of you might hear the term revenue sharing sites or revshares for the first time in your online career. This idea is not new because few years back Google started this concept and allowed it’s publishers to share their earnings with other people by displaying ads. Also if you are Google Adsense publisher than you may already know that they pay you money on 60:40 ratio mean from every 100 dollars you earn they will keep $40 and rest will be yours. Now this doesn’t mean that revenue sharing websites works totally on this concept.

What are the Revenue Sharing Sites?

In this type of business you buy advertising packs and in return get traffic for your website. Along side traffic you will get small profit like 110% or some sites give you 120 percent. When you read their terms and conditions you will notice that the profit they promise is not guaranteed means which means it will fluctuate and some times you will earn more and some time less.

How Revenue share websites work?

Although all sites have different way of working but the main concept is the same. Unlike paying HYIP sites you not only need to invest but watch ads on daily basis. First of all you need some basic website(not essential but it’s good to have one) which you have to promote otherwise you will lose all your traffic. Also you need some kind of investment like at-least $100 otherwise you will not be able to make decent amount of money. So when you have your money buy a share (ad-pack) for your banner, in return you receive advertising points.

Revenue Sharing

Normally the period of ad-pack is around 30 to 40 days in which you will get profit on daily basis. Please note that you need to login into your account on daily basis and watch free ads (around 10 to 20). If you not watch required amount of ads per day you will not get profit next day so it’s not that you just invest money and forget it.

Earn money with Revenue Sharing Program

Basically you have two ways to earn money on these platforms. Invest money and buy ad-packs, the more you invest higher the profit will be. Another way is to refer these programs to other people and when ever they will invest money you will get around 10% commission.

Top 6 Trusted Revenue Sharing Sites in 2019

So here are the top 6 best revenue sharing sites in 2017 at the time of writing this post. Please note that I cannot 100% guarantee at these programs will last forever. However if you invest wisely and take your decision now you will end up earning some decent amount of money.

1) The Ads Team

Launched in October 2016 with total members of 54100 and Alexa rank of 13602. According to them why waste time on Facebook and other social media platforms when you can earn money while advertise your website. After registering your account you have to see 6 ads on a daily basis. Also you have the opportunity to earn via referrals when ever they but ad-packs. You will get 120% revenue share not on all advertising packs but the one start with $50 price tag. Minimum you can invest in this site is $10 in stage one so you can buy packs in multiple of this amount.

2) 10 Ads Pay

Established in June 2016 with Alexa Rank of 29441 and over 20K members 10 Ads Pay is second in our list. Again here you register free of cost and view ten ads on daily basis. You have a really long list of advertisement options here starting from PPC banners, PPC advertisements, Banners, text Ads, login ads and traffic exchange. You may be thinking that why I should join this site and the reason is that they give 120% Revenue sharing which is the biggest in the market. Unfortunately they do not deal in Paypal so you have to rely on bitcoin, Payza, perfect money and solid trust. Plans starts from $2 per ad-pack up-to $50 per ad-pack.

3) The Traffic Income

The number one revenue sharing website in India right now whose owner is Sundaram Kumar and you can contact him 24/7 via telephone, Skype or on his Facebook profile/page. This is the first time you will see Admin contact details on main page of any website and he is willing to meet you. His number for India is +918586002109 and Skype username is thetrafficincome. So how can he run away while he is publicly showing his identity and contact details. Here ad-packs start from $1 and goes to $40 in plan 6. You will get Up to 120% reward, 10% Referral Commission with $5 Minimum and $150 Maximum Cash out any day of the week.

4) Get My Ads

Established in 2016 by Frank Hanson who is CEO of GetMyAds. Not many people know that he is very successful entrepreneur and already owned many traffic exchange networks. With over hundred thousand customers and 120% payback this is the site which is growing fast. The only site which is registered and it’s head office is located in Room 1120, Lee Garden one, 33 Hysan Avenue Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

5) My Paying Crypto Ads

Sister site of MyPayingAds and owned by Uday Narain as well. Unlike all other revenue sharing sites here you can only deal in bitcoins. So if you want to invest in this website than you need bitcoin wallet. All other features and commission are same except this one deals in cryptocurrency.

6) My Paying Ads

Without any doubt is the number one scam site in this business since 2015. It’s owner is Uday Narain a very familiar name belongs to India who already own Taj Hotels, Resorts and many Palaces. You will not believe that 275516 members have already joined this site and changing their lives. Joining site is free of cost and upon registration you have to verify your email also. After login successfully you will be presented with welcome ad which you cannot skip.

After watching this ad you need click on proceed to the site button which then show you the main interface. Here you can but adpacks starting from $5 to $50. Also you have a limit in each and every stage where you cannot buy adpacks above certain limit. Only in Plan 4 you can buy unlimited ad-packs. Here I will suggest you to start investing at least $100 with 110% profit rate otherwise you may not be able to generate even one dollar a day.

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