Verify Payza Account in Pakistan without Credit Card

How to verify payza account in pakistan in urdu without credit card, this is the biggest question asked online from our country specially if you want to earn money online. Payment processors like PayPal don’t offer their services in third world countries and although you can free verify paypal in pakistan with this amazing trick. But top payment processors list also includes Payza which is growing day by day and offering special prepaid card as well as features like payment withdrawal via credit card.

When you want to open a new account they offer you two choices Personal and Business accounts. Opening new account in free of cost and you can send receive money instantly but you cannot withdraw money without verifying it. So Payza account verification is must and you can do this very easily with the help of below mention method.

Nadra Identification card is required which should have exact same name as mention in your Payza account. Scan the card from both sides and put them in one picture. Urdu language card will also be accepted.

Address Verification Document

Scan any utility bill copy like Electricity, Suigas or Telephone bill but one thing keep in mind that the name on bill should match with account name. Also address should be exact because it will be used to send you Prepaid card(if required by you).

Send Support Ticket

Visit Payza Customer Support Center by visiting this link and click on > My Account Support > Account Verification Inquiries.

On next page submit your personal information as well as the Nadra ID card and bill copy with the help of upload button located at the bottom of that page. That’s it you should receive an email that your ticket is being received and your account will soon be verified.


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