How Much Does YouTube pay per 1000 views in Pakistan

You may have read many urdu guides on how to earn money on YouTube uploading videos, channel, subscribers, per view, ads, views, google adsense etc but today I will tell you step by step method to actually start making money in Pakistan with this video sharing website. We all know that YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and we cannot make money with it also. So how this is possible and any body else is earning money or this is fantasy story. Let me tell you that yes it’s possible but with the help of little trick.

Create new USA Gmail ID

First thing first you need USA Gmail ID which must be US phone verified as well. For United States IP address you can use any free Virtual Private Network service like CyberGhost premium VPN or ZenMate for this purpose. After getting the USA IP you also need to put fake US address which you need to get from this site.

Verify Gmail Account with US Phone Number

Now it’s time to verify your Gmail ID with America phone number and for this you can use any free US SMS service like HS3X or ReceiveSmsOnline etc. After entering your the you can see your SMS on that site by clicking on that number.

Create Youtube Account

In all process one thing to keep in mind that you have to use US IP address all the time. Now visit Youtube and create new account with your verified Gmail ID. Make sure you select United States as your country. After creating your account go to Settings tab and click on Monetize link. Enable the monetize option and soon you will get welcome email from Google. Start uploading videos into your account and make money online.

Youtube Monetization Rates in Pakistan

Although there is not hard and fast rule for rates but below i will try to give you some idea about how much you can earn. For every 1000 views you can make $1 to $10 depending on your content. For example if you have a entertainment video channel than it’s very difficult to generate more than $1 per thousand views. But on the other hand if you have Tech or Medicine channel than it’s very likely that you will get up-to $10. Also keep in mind that YouTube divide profit in 33–66% ratio which means you will be given only 33% of what you earn.

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